Germany: Bishops will continue to bless homosexual couples and rule out schism
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The president of the German Bishops’ ConferenceGeorg Baetzing, affirmed today that he will allow to continue blessing homosexual couples who ask for it, as some bishops have begun to do, despite the fact that the Vatican forbids it, and ruled out any possibility of a schism in the German Church.

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“I will not eliminate the possibility of bless those homosexual couples who believe and ask for God’s blessing”Baetzing stated at a press conference in Rome, after the visit of the German bishops to the Pope and the meeting with the Curia.

During these meetings, the so-called Synodal Path was addressed, a dialogue forum that the German Church began in which formulas are sought to overcome the crisis that the Catholic Church is experiencing, shaken by scandals of sexual abuse of minors.

In these months proposals have been advanced such as the end of compulsory celibacy or also that women have access to the priesthood or questions about homosexuality, which is causing discomfort in the Vatican and fears of a schism in the German Church.

During today’s press conference, the president of the German bishops assured that “the Church must change”. “We cannot continue as before, it is about transmitting the message of the Gospel here and now, and not always looking to the past, even running the risk of a bruised Church”, said.

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It also removed any risk of a schism. “For none of the bishops, schism is an option. We are and continue to be Catholics and we want to be Catholics in another way. They are things that are said from outside to scare and intimidate. We will never allow this to be attributed to us.” clarified.

During the meeting this Friday, according to a Vatican statement, the Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, “He mentioned the concerns that the Synodal Path raises, pointing out the risk of ‘reforms of the Church and not in the Church’”.

In this regard, Baetzing assured “Although we have different opinions, we are together on the road. We are not following a particular path or making decisions that are not for the entire universal Church. But we want to respond to our faithful and respond to the debates that have arisen. This is what we’ve been talking about.”

He explained that Parolin affirmed that in the Vatican one has the impression that “in the texts of the Synodal Path, a different Church is described, not a Church that changes” and mentioned issues such as the ordination of women. “We know that this question in Rome is closed. But we are not saying that it has been decided, but rather that the issue exists and that it must be elaborated, and we request information about it”.

He also clarified that it was the prefect of the Dicastery for Bishops, Cardinal Mark Ouleet, who proposed a moratorium on the celebration of this assembly, because “it is very worrying that the synodal path is like a fire that spreads everywhere”, but that it was not accepted.

From the meetings arose the need to continue the dialogue between the Vatican and the German Church.

Source: EFE

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