Photos of the trade unionist Pata Medina at his house in Punta Lara after being released
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The Criminal Cassation Chamber confirmed that the case against officials of the government of María Eugenia Vidal and agents of the AFI in which they are accused of build causes against the ex-unionist of the Uocra Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina be investigated in the courts of Comodoro Py, together with the case of illegal espionage against judges, journalists and opposition politicians and the ruling party that the federal judge has in his hands Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi.

It was resolved by Chamber IV of Cassation, with the signature of the judges Mariano Borinsky, Javier Carbajo and Gustavo Hornos, which declared an appeal filed by Medina inadmissible.

Thus, it confirmed the decision issued by Chamber II of the Federal Chamber that declared the competence of Judge Martínez de Giorgi to intervene in the case in which an alleged union persecution against Medina is being investigated, as it turns out to be connected to the case of illegal espionage .

The federal court of La Plata prosecuted several former officials who participated in a meeting at Banco Provincia, in 2017, where the promotion of legal cases against Medina was promoted. This is the case called “Gestapo”, as a result of what the then Minister of Labor of the province of Buenos Aires said, Marcelo Villegas, who indicated that he would like to have a “gestapo” against the union mafias. The defendants are Villegas but also the mayor of La Plata, Julius Garror, to the former Secretary of Justice Adrian Grassithe provincial senator John Paul Allan and the former directors of the AFI Sebastian De Stefano, Darío Biorci and Diego Dalmau Pereyra.

Photos of the trade unionist Pata Medina at his house in Punta Lara after being releasedRicardo Pristupluk

The judges of Chamber IV of Cassation confirmed that this case on alleged union persecution against Medina and the matter of illegal espionage that began to be processed in the Lomas de Zamora justice continue together in the Martínez De Giorgi court.

For his part, Judge Hornos has been maintaining that the Cassation should not have intervened or decided in the sense that it did, considering that the appeals were inadmissible since in the case there was not, in any of the instances, denial of federal jurisdiction. Therefore, it was not appealable before the cassatory instance.

The Federal Chamber had decided that the case for the meeting in Bapro should be processed in conjunction with the mega case of espionage, where several of the former AFI agents are accused. Among the people who would have been spied on is Pata Medina, who, through an appeal before the Cassation, demanded that the cases be processed in the provincial courts, where they received impetus in the hands of the federal judge Ernest Kreplak.

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