Getaway: five lagoons to enjoy the long weekend
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one of his main tourist attractions is its lagoon. Where the tour of the Municipal Waterfront It starts at Costanera Avenue and 38th Street until Arroyo las Garzas. It has a children’s play area, tables, benches and public restrooms. It is an ideal place for enjoy nature and tranquility and when walking you can see a great variety of birds such as: biguas, herons, roseate spoonbills and ducks.

In the Costanera or Campsites enabled, you can rent boats and kayaks to take a walk around the Lagoon.



Puan Lagoon

The Puan Lagoon has 750 hectares surrounded by nature. There you can practice different sports such as: skiing, sailing and kayaking.

One of its attractions is to take guided boat rides through the old spa sector or through the Vuelta Laguna de Puan night circuit, during the weekends, and see the birds that are found in the place.

In the middle, It has an island that was declared in 2001 as a “Natural and Cultural Reserve of Multiple Uses” for its archaeological, natural and historical value.

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Chascomús Lagoon

Chascomús is only 127 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires. The main attraction it offers is its lagoon. This can be covered completely by bicycle or car, and also sit down to fish or drink some mates. In addition, the city has a historic center and places of interest such as the Municipal Palace.

is the eldest of chained system, which groups seven lagoons, considered unique in the world for its biodiversity and ecological characteristics. In it you can practice various water sportsas well as sport fishing.



Laguna Brava, Balcarce

The La Brava lagoon or Brava lagoon It is located in the Balcarce district, Buenos Aires province, at km 40 of National Route 226, 420 km from Buenos Aires.

A shores of the lagoon is a villa with his same name enjoy sports and outdoor life. It can be visited with the aim of spending a day outdoors or you can take advantage of the walk to carry out various activities offered by the complexes located on the edge of the lagoon.

On the coast there is a camping area with grills. Open all year round, where water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing or wakeboarding can be practiced.

brava lagoon.jpg

San Miguel del Monte Lagoon

San Miguel del Monte is located 110 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. Its lagoon, both day and night, is one of the must-see tours.

From there you can enjoy the best views of the sunset. In its 15 km you can find sectors dedicated to kayaking, a tree-lined waterfront to explore on foot or by bicycle, gourmet restaurants and food stalls.

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