Aaron Molinas could go on loan to Defense and Justice.  (Photo: Boca Press)

The champion returned. Mouth managed to recover from what was the weekend’s defeat against Central Córdoba with a great victory against Tiger: the Xeneize won by 5-3 in the Bombonerain a match corresponding to date 3 of the Professional League.

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El Pipa Benedetto, on two occasions, El Changuito Zeballos, also twice, and Frank Fabra scored the goals for the Ribera team. Nicolás Figal -against-, after an unfortunate rebound, and Mateo Retegui, twice, converted for the visit.

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Boca-Tigre: Chango Zeballos scored 4-2 for Xeneize

Boca-Tigre: Retegui discounted for the Matador

Boca-Tigre: Frank Fabra scored 3-1 for Xeneize

Boca-Tigre: Chango Zeballos made it 2-1 for Xenize

Boca-Tigre: the Matador equalized with some fortune

Mouth-Tiger; Pipa Benedetto made it 1-0

The young promise of Boca Aaron Molinas could go on loan to Defense and Justice

Aaron Molinas could go on loan to Defense and Justice. (Photo: Boca Press)

Aaron Molinas is one of the young promises that Boca has on his campus. However, throughout the last semester he did not have much continuity and at this time the possibility of giving him on loan and without a purchase option to Defense and Justice is being analyzed so that he can add filming.

The operation could be defined before the weekend if they manage to convince the footballer, who wants to stay and fight for a position at the riverside club. For now, Molinas will start against Tigre at the Bombonera, for the third date of the Professional League.

The formations of Boca-Tigre

Coaches Sebastián Battaglia and Diego Martínez defined the lineups for tonight’s duel.

Mouth: Agustín Rossi, Jorge Figal or Marcelo Weigandt, Carlos Izquierdoz, Marcos Rojo, Agustín Sández, Alan Varela, Guillermo Fernández, Juan Ramírez or Óscar Romero, Exequiel Zeballos, Darío Benedetto and Sebastián Villa.

Tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Lucas Blondel, Víctor Cabrera, Diego Sosa, Sebastián Prieto, Sebastián Prédiger, Agustín Obando, Lucas Menossi, Ijiel Protti, Pablo Magnín or Mateo Retegui and Facundo Colidio.

Boca seeks to break the market with Arturo Vidal: the footballer’s phrase that excites fans

ARTURO VIDAL.  The Chilean soccer player appears on Boca's radar.  (Photo: AFP/Ben Sall)
ARTURO VIDAL. The Chilean soccer player appears on Boca’s radar. (Photo: AFP/Ben Sall)

In the middle of a quiet transfer market, in which Boca has not made contracts or sales so far, the name of a covered person appeared: Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal, who not so long ago expressed his desire to play in the Bombonera.

Vidal has a contract with Inter Milan until June 2023, but he is considered an expendable player and could arrange his departure from the institution.

From this situation, different teams appeared interested in signing him. At one point, it seemed that his arrival in Flamengo was closed, although in recent days everything has cooled down. In silence, the Xeneize joined the list of suitors.

Eduardo Salvio received the offer to continue in Boca: less money and a year and a half of contract

Salvio already has the offer to continue in Boca until December 2023. REUTERS/Manuel Claure
Salvio already has the offer to continue in Boca until December 2023. REUTERS/Manuel ClaureBy: REUTERS

Eduardo Salvio today received a proposal from Boca to renew his contract. With only two weeks left until he is released, the 31-year-old must decide if he accepts the offer or if he takes his career in new directions.

The Football Council took some time to negotiate with Salvio and only today did they send him the formal offer for a year and a half. In addition, there is a substantial drop in economics compared to what he currently earns.

Sebastián Villa’s complainant broke the silence: behind the scenes of his change of strategy

By Roland Barbano

Sebastián Villa’s complainant was on Telenoche.

Rocío Tamara decided to come to light and recounted for the first time what happened on the night of June 26, 2021 with the Boca player. She maintained that the doctors who treated her told her that she had been raped and recommended that she file a complaint.

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