Goele Van Den Ouweland made the move to Ostend last summer after four Michelbeke seasons.
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Volleyball Liga (V) Hermes Ostend

Goele Van Den Ouweland made the move to Ostend last summer after four Michelbeke seasons. © Rudy Declerck


Goele Van Den Ouweland (22, 1m82), one of the four Ghent students at Hermes Oostende, will take on the unbeaten leader Asterix Avo Beveren with her new club at home on Saturday evening. The reception corner player made a good debut with the green yellows in recent weeks.

Peter Rossell

At Gooik, Goele Van Den Ouweland learned to play volleyball following the example of her sister Lotte. With the first team there, she played in the second division, the fourth series. When she chose to study in Ghent, her story ended in Gooik. “My youth coach from then, Kris Van Snick (today at Asterix, ed.), linked me to Michelbeke, according to him a good ‘entry-level team’. In my first season there we played the cup final in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. As underdogs we lost after a super exciting match against Hermes Oostende, but I still have very good memories of that final.”

Last summer, Van Den Ouweland made the move to Ostend. “For me it is a new challenge after four years of Michelbeke. This is also a step up. You can see that in teammates like Yana De Leeuw and Charlotte Leys, who was my childhood idol. I haven’t told her yet that I like to match her at the Yellow Tigers watched. The fact that she plays here certainly played a role in coming to Hermes.”

Goele Van Den Ouweland is very grateful to her trainer-coach at Michelbeke, Audry Frankart. ”Thanks to those four seasons with him, I am now here in Ostend. Maybe I’m not the most outstanding player on the field. So I don’t get full priority in the block. I don’t score the wow points or the hard attacks, but rather the subtle points. But I still have growth opportunities in all areas. Especially in reception there can be more perfection. I also need even more of a sense of security and maturity in general. I am only 22 years old, still young.”

On Saturday, Goele Van Den Ouweland will fight her ex-Gooik youth coach Kris Van Snick at Asterix. “With Michelbeke I also saw him again a few times. Every time we greet each other, but once it spell starts, the focus is on volleyball”

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