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The selection is escalated. A team of dogs wore clothes and accessories to support Brazil in the World Cup and participated in a photo shoot to encourage the adoption of animals.

Dogs impacted by the rupture of the Brumadinho dam (MG) —found in construction areas or that were at risk in the communities— and looking for a family participated.

Currently, 290 animals —238 dogs and 52 cats— are available for adoption. They are cared for by Vale, which maintains structures for the temporary shelter of domestic and wild animals in the affected areas, as part of the commitments presented by the company to public bodies after the tragedy, which left 270 people dead. Since 2019, 297 dogs and 141 cats have found homes.

To try to increase that number, animals selected for the test were given nicknames related to the national team’s stars: Neydog Junior, Eder Milicão, Cãosemiro and Ridogson.

The action takes advantage of the World Cup being held at the end of the year, a period when adoptions drop and pet abandonment tends to increase due to holidays and parties.

“The World Cup trophy for these dogs is a new family”, says Magda Castro, fauna supervisor at Vale.

“The traumas of an abandonment leave several scars in the life of a pet. It is often necessary the help of a veterinarian to reverse this situation. To encourage these animals to find a new home, we thought of a playful way to awaken their curiosity and interest for responsible adoption, in addition to encouraging our soccer team.”

Anyone who wants a new friend at home can get to know the pets for adoption at Take Me Home page🇧🇷 In addition to photos, there is a description of the size and social profile of the animals.

The adoption process can be done at a distance, and professionals accompany the pet throughout the first six months in the new home.

José is one of the dogs adopted after the company’s actions. In February, he was part of a selection of furry animals that entered the field with América, in a match for the Campeonato Mineiro, to draw attention to responsible adoption. He ended up moving to Montes Claros, in the north of the state, and soon adapted to his new family.

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