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A survey by Setur (Secretariat of Tourism and Travel) mapped cities in São Paulo that receive pets in accommodation and attractions and, with that, organized a pet friendly guide in the state.

According to the state government, the material brings together 154 locations, from 56 municipalities, where pets are welcome.

The guide was prepared from responses registered by the enterprises that accept pets or have services for them. Of the 202 registered, 96 accommodation facilities and 58 attractions were accepted after being curated by Setur.

Most lodgings are inns (36). Next are hotels (20), chain hotels (11), farm hotels (10), country houses (6), vacation rental homes (6), resorts (4) and others (3).

According to the state’s Pet Friendly Guide, almost half of these lodging facilities (41) offer exclusive services for pets, such as beds, swimming pool, caregivers and playgrounds.

Among the highlights are Serra Negra, with 11 lodging facilities and two tourist attractions; Campos do Jordão, with six inns and six attractions; Socorro, with six lodging facilities and six pet-friendly developments; and São Sebastião with seven inns and two attractions.

Brotas, another destination known for accepting animals in activities, appears on the list with eight nominations. In Santos, which since the beginning of the year has offered a stretch of beach for dogs, there are four.

The government claims that the idea is that the guide, in digital format (see here)be constantly updated by the enterprises and help the tutor when deciding the trip.


Going to bars, restaurants or traveling with a pet is already a habit for many tutors.

But before choosing accommodation, you need to think about transport security and analyze the establishment’s pet policy.

And some precautions need to be observed, since the change of routine can affect the health of the pet. Puppies and elderly animals demand more attention.

It is worth consulting the vet before packing, also because depending on the destination, the furry will need prevention against diseases, such as heartworm and leishmaniasisin addition to protection against ticks.

Some items must compose the pet’s luggage: collar and leash, food in adequate quantity for the period of the trip, pots for water and food, usual shampoo and towel, bed, toys and medication for continuous use and for emergencies. And it’s important for the tutor to always carry the furry’s up-to-date vaccination card.

If the trip is made by car, the animal must be transported in the back seat using a special safety belt for dogs or a suitable transport crate (dogs and cats); the environment inside the car must be cool and, in case of long trips, the tutor must make stops every 2 hours for the pet to drink water, do its needs and stretch its paws.

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