Good news for Nadal and co: prize money Roland Garros higher than before the corona pandemic


The prize money of Roland Garros (May 22 – June 5) has increased compared to the last edition before the corona pandemic. The total donation now amounts to 43.6 million euros, 6.8 percent more than in 2019.


The winners of the singles for men and women will receive 2.2 million euros. In 2021 this was 1.4 million, but then the amounts were lower because the game was played without an audience due to the corona measures. The total prize money in singles has increased by 1.43 percent, players who are eliminated in the first round will receive 35 percent more than in 2019.

In doubles, 6.1 percent more is paid than in 2019. The budget for the qualifiers has increased by 66 percent. The French tennis association therefore says that the extra money is mainly intended for the players who have suffered the most from the corona measures in recent years. These are often players who are low on the world ranking, who win fewer matches and therefore receive less prize money.

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