Calculate the toll amount before starting the trip using Google Maps.

Announced in April, the role of calculate toll price on Google Maps is already available for users of the tool in some countries, as announced by the search giant on Monday (13). The novelty can be used both in the app to android how much in iOS.

The feature provides the user with an estimate of the amount he will be able to pay when choosing a certain route on the map platform, as well as showing the places where the toll is charged. Previously, the service was only able to inform whether the chosen path had a charge or not.

According to the Mountain View-based company, the calculation estimates displayed are based on information collected from the authorities responsible for maintaining the billing system. In some places, the values ​​vary according to the day of travel and the time when the car will pass through the cabins, as well as the payment method used.

Calculate the toll amount before starting the trip using Google Maps.Source: Google/Disclosure

THE new google maps function It is a good alternative for those who are planning to travel and do not want to be surprised by excessive charges, without having the amount available during the journey. It is worth mentioning that the app also helps to find alternative paths that do not have tolls.

Countries with the resource available

At this first moment, the toll prices on Google Maps are displayed on some routes in countries such as the United States, Japan, Indonesia and India. There is information on approximately 2,000 highways in these territories, according to big tech.

More countries will receive the resource soon (there is no information about Brazil), as well as the number of highways on which it is possible to have a estimate of the amount charged at toll plazas. Another novelty recently announced by the app is the possibility of checking the air quality in some places.

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