The ID will be displayed at the bottom of the company search.

In 2020, Google added a feature to identify businesses created by blacks in the United States — so when searching or searching Maps, a message would appear to show support for the community. Now, Google is carrying out a similar strategy, but for highlight companies created by people LGBTQ+.

Google’s new measure will be carried out in the United States and comes to commemorate the LGBTQIA pride month+, which takes place worldwide in the month of June. So, the Merchants will be able to add an LGBTQ+ badge displayed in Google searches or Maps.

The ID badge joins other options that are available on Google, such as properties owned by war veterans, women, blacks, Latinos, and now the LGBTQ+ audience. So those who do research can find and support these businesses more easily.

The ID will be displayed at the bottom of the company search.Source: Google/Android Police

LGBTQ+ community

It is also possible to use different badges in the same business, for example, a black and Latino woman from the LGBTQ+ community can use all these identifications in her Google profile.

Worldwide, there are thousands of diverse companies that are registered with Google and the new initiative already allows users to identify their companies as part of the LGBTQ+ community. It is worth remembering that in Brazil, the process of registering and updating information is already being tested with Google Duplex.

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