The process was initiated in 2017 by former employees of the company

Google has agreed to pay 118 million dollars (112.4 million euros) to settle a lawsuit in which the company is accused of discriminating against women in terms of salary and hierarchy in the US state of California.

The information was confirmed this Monday by Google, after a statement released on Friday by the two law firms that brought the class action.

The agreement covers about 15,500 employed women working in California as of September 2013, according to the same note.

The company also agreed that an independent audit of its hiring and compensation practices be carried out.

“After nearly five years (…), both parties agreed that the resolution of the case, without any admission [de responsabilidade] or conclusion, was in everyone’s interest, and we are delighted that we reached this agreement,” a Google spokesperson told France-Presse (AFP) news agency.

The lawsuit was filed in 2017 in a San Francisco court by former Google employees.

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