The new Maps tools were released this week.  (Photo: AP/Patrick Sison)
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Google released a lot of new features and updates to your Lens, Shopping and maps. The improvements are intended to provide a more useful and efficient search experience. augmented reality.

Many of these new features and tools were announced in September at the Search On event of the company but they began to Just implemented this week.

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After months of sneak peeks and announcements, Google has finally brought its long-awaited new updates into action that will allow users to enjoy personalized searches with augmented reality both on Android and Apple devices.

The new Maps tools were released this week. (Photo: AP/Patrick Sison)

These are the improvements that users will find in Google Lens, Maps and Shopping:

Google Lens update for text translations in photos

Google is rolling out a big update to the translation capabilities related to Google Lens that will allow you to translate text on complex backgrounds. To get the interpretation, Google erases the original text and recreates the pixels below it with an AI-generated background, then overlays the translated text on top of the image.

This same technology is the one that Google uses in its Pixel devices with the “Magix Eraser” function in the photos.

Searches for specific meals and dishes

Google announced that you can now search for a specific dish in nearby restaurants. Just by typing, for example, “Neapolitan milanesa”, or any other food, the The search engine will respond with the places closest to your location where they prepare and sell that dish, and the prices.

Food search with Google Lens.  (Photo: Google)
Food search with Google Lens. (Photo: Google)

Another new functionality will allow you to use the multi search Google to find specific food near your location.

Suppose you see a photo of a food but you don’t know what it is or where they sell it. Lens will now allow you to take a photo, upload an image or a screenshot and add the words “near me” to find a place nearby where they prepare that food.

Unfortunately this feature launching today in English and available, For now, only on mobile devices in the United States. But it is not ruled out that it be deployed to other countries and Argentina would be one of the places where it would be implemented.

Improvements and new features of Google Maps

This new feature allows you to explore neighborhoods with augmented reality (AR) from your mobile device. Just by turning on your camera smartphone and point to some point in the city, Google will show relevant information of businesses or places of interest with AR in real time.

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As reported by the company, thanks to augmented reality technology, the search engine will show nearby stores such as cafeterias, banks and ATMs. With AR-enhanced heading directions and arrows, they can be seen on the screen and interactive wayin which direction they are and how far away they are, and you can even detect places that are not in your immediate viewsuch as a restaurant that is around the corner or in another neighboring block: “This function will allow you to have a impression of what the neighborhood is like and what can we find in the area”, assured Google in an official communication.

Google, which has been demonstrating this feature for some time, stated that will begin rolling out this tool starting next week in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Google will allow you to search in which restaurant they prepare your favorite dish just by uploading a photo of the food

Another piece of news that the search engine company announced this week is the global expansion of its “accessible places” function. Initially released in the United States, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom in 2020, this feature is designed to help people determine if a location is wheelchair accessible.

Once activated from the settings in the app, a wheelchair icon will appear in places that are accessible. In addition, it will be possible See if a venue has accessible seating, restrooms, and parking. Google noted that the feature may also be useful for those who also want or need to avoid places with stairs.

Augmented reality in Google Shopping

The new function of shopping with augmented reality is designed to facilitate the searches of makeup and clothes. Google Shopping’s new photo library features 148 models representing a diverse spectrum of skin tones, ages, genders, and face shapes. As a result, it should be easier for buyers to visualize how different products will look on them.

Google will allow you to search in which restaurant they prepare your favorite dish just by uploading a photo of the food

Finally, Google reached an agreement with three major shoe brands to use AR and users will be able to “try on” how different models of footwear would be worn before deciding to buy them. This function will allow you to rotate, zoom and see how the chosen shoes look with the clothes that the user is wearing.

For now, this feature is also only available in the United States but its implementation in other countries is not ruled out.

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