Gotham Knights will show news tomorrow, the 10th

the official account of Gotham Knights on Twitter announced that we will finally have news for the game being released tomorrow, May 10th, at 10 am (Brasilia time). The tweet shows a teaser featuring Red Hood’s and Nightwing’s weapons.

In addition to the image, the description in the text of the post makes it clear that Jason Todd and Dick Grayson will be the protagonists of the content that we will see tomorrow, at a place called Powers Club. Possibly a new video will be released showing this mission being completed by the first and second Robin acting cooperatively.

The disclosure comes shortly after Gotham Knights appeared on PSN with the information that the game would support up to four players in multiplayer. This feature has not yet been officially confirmed so far, and it is quite possible that in tomorrow’s trailer the producer still doesn’t talk about it.

Regardless of the news that will be shown for the game in less than 24 hours, Warner Bros. has already confirmed the game’s participation in the Summer Game Fest, which takes place on June 9. Gotham Knights appears between the games in the event trailer, and we should have more news in the presentation.

Gotham Knights will be a cross-platform release, slated for release on October 25th.

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