Photo by the press service of the government of the Moscow region

The Moscow region has prepared agreements for 145 billion rubles. investments with the creation of 25 thousand new jobs for conclusion at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). The governor told Andrey Vorobyov.

“For us, the forum in St. Petersburg is, first of all, an opportunity to tell businesses about the changes in the Moscow region and invite investors to implement new projects. Most of the agreements we signed at SPIEF gave life to enterprises and facilities that provide jobs for people and taxes for the budget. For example, Greenfields-Agro in Naro-Fominsk is already planning to harvest more than 400 tons of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries this year, and Lukhovitsky vegetables have built 100 hectares of greenhouses during this time. There are many other landmark projects, including large pharmaceutical production facilities such as PSK Pharma in Dubna and Petrovax Pharm in Podolsk, Ozon and Wildberry distribution centers. The list can be long,” the governor said.

The forum started today. The Moscow region is represented by a stand where you can invest in import-substituting production. The shelves of the makeshift store housed tower cranes, business class elevators, household appliances, cosmetics, medicines, pet food – and much more that is produced in the Moscow region. Having collected an investment basket, you can come to the cashier, make a virtual payment and receive a check.

There is also an opportunity to add a “measure of support” to the basket – for example, a plot for 1 ruble, which is provided in the region for running your own business. The booth shows videos about how you can become a member of the Moscow Region 10 Hectares program and receive various benefits, subsidies and grants.

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