Carr's book offers an original reading on the justice process for crimes against humanity Archive photo
Carrá’s book offers an “original reading” on the justice process for crimes against humanity / Archive photo

The Association of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo will present the book “Agazapado” by the writer and journalist Juan Carrá, who together with the writer Claudia Piñero and the restored granddaughter Claudia Poblete, will talk about this crime novel that “invites us to reflect on the process of Memory, Truth and Justice”.

More than 40 years after the last civic-military dictatorship, Carrá’s novel proposes to inquire about “ignorance or disinterest” about “what happened, the silences, complicities and mechanisms of denial that still go through our society,” he expressed through a communicated the Association of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

The activity, with free admission, will take place this Saturday, August 13 at 4:00 p.m. at the House for Identity, Memory and Human Rights Space ex-Esma (Av. Libertador 8151).

Also, it was detailed that the novel edited by Hojas del Suroffers an “original reading” on the justice process for crimes against humanity, from the privacy of the home of Captain Alberto “El Dentista” Pinzón, a Navy repressor who is beginning to be tried for crimes committed during the last dictatorship.

The protagonist is locked in an apartment, abandoned by the family, under the custody of Adela, a worker who assists him in his alleged illness.

Regarding the shifting of the margins of the black novel about social content of the time, Carrá stressed that he finds it “very interesting in a genre that will always enjoy good health, as long as it dialogues with its time”, as indicated in this text spread by Abuelas.

In that place, she locates the writer, “her friend and reference”, Claudia Piñeiro, who will be present during the presentation that will be moderated by Manuel Barrientos, journalist and former Press and Communication coordinator of the Public Entity Espacio Memoria.

Claudia Poblete Hlaczik, daughter of José “Pepe” Poblete Roa and Gertrydis “Trudy” Hlaczik, detainees who have disappeared since September 28, 1978, when they were kidnapped along with their 8-month-old daughter, from their home in the Buenos Aires town of Guernica.

Claudia was appropriated and raised for 22 years by Ceferino Landa, a member of the Army’s intelligence structure, and his wife, Mercedes Beatriz Moreira.

Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo together with relatives initiated the corresponding legal cases until, in 1999, the young woman was summoned by the justice system to carry out genetic tests, which showed that she was the daughter of “Pepe” and “Trudy”. “.

When justice convicted those responsible, Poblete Hlaczik was still living with Moreira, who was given the benefit of house arrest.

The author of Agazapado takes up this theme after a career that as a journalist led him to cover various trials against humanity, “something that left its mark on his writing” and can be seen in the graphic novel “ESMA” or in the book of stories “Eyes flush”.

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