Gray day for Cuba in Chess Olympiad in Chennai

Yerisbel signed the Cuban draw against Mongolia. Photo: Calixto N. Llanes/ JIT.

It was not a good day for the Cuban teams at the 2022 Chennai Chess Olympiad, as losses to India 2 in the open section and to Mongolia in the women’s match marked the seventh round.

It was known that the men’s duels would be demanding and the reverse was not surprising, although something less forceful than the 0.5-3.5 conceded was desired.

Carlos Daniel Albornoz lost this time at the first table against the young Dommaraju Gukesh, the local player who has given the most talk in the tournament, after winning seven consecutive appearances.

Neither could Luis Ernesto Quesada against the push of Nihal Sarin and Isán Ortiz was defeated by Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa. If there was no sweep it was because Omar Almeida achieved parity at the fourth table in his arm wrestling match with Baskaran Adhiban.

With this result, the Cuban team dropped to 20th place with 10 points out of a possible 14, the first match in which they could not score even one unit. His next challenge will be this Saturday against Andorra.

The long-awaited duel between Armenia and the United States ended with a 2-2 draw, but the former reached 13 lines enough to stay on top, now with a point advantage over six other teams, including India 2, Uzbekistan and Germany.

The Cubans faced Mongolia and the final adverse score was also registered with 0.5-3.5. Honor was saved on the second board by Yerisbel Miranda with a draw against Bayarjargal Bayarmaa, while in the remaining tables Lisandra Ordaz capitulated before Altan-Ulzii Enkhtuul and Maritza Arribas against Turmunkh Munkhzul. The young Ineymig Hernández was also submitted by Bat-Erdene Mungunzul.

This was the second lost match for the representation of the Island, which fell to 40th place with nine points. From there they will be seen this Saturday against Austria.

The local cast, led by Humpy Koneru, is at the top with 14 points after seven successes in a row. They will face Ukraine in their next presentation.

As part of the celebration in the Indian city, the International Chess Federation (Fide) awarded outstanding works in relation to supporting the development of women in sport and one of those distinctions went to the president of the Cuban federation of this sport.

Carlos Rivero was chosen by America to receive the He for She, in recognition of his work to empower women in chess on the Island.

(Taken from HIT)

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