Greece faces labor shortage as tourist season approaches

In Greece, summer is on its way, and the tourist season with it. After two years marked by Covid, quarantines and health restrictions, Greece expects to see a flood of tourists on its soil, reviving the pre-pandemic trend. In 2019, more than 34 million people visited the country, a record.

But the sector, which accounts for nearly a quarter of GDP, is concerned about the lack of manpower: 50,000 jobs remain to be filled. According to the daily Efsyn, 38% of Greek hotels lack a cleaner, or 30% a receptionist. In total, a quarter of the hotel industry is understaffed. The leftist daily describes at length “an obsolete tourism model that runs in a vacuum to constantly anticipate developments and crises in the sector”.

“Nobody can base the problem on the pandemic or on social benefits, and the main actors are gr

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