Greek crisis over? "Greece has achieved what for many years would have seemed impossible"

The finance ministers of the euro zone this Thursday gave the green light to the disbursement of the seventh tranche in the amount of 758 million euros, related to debt relief measures, considering that Athens meets all the requirements.

The Eurogroup also gave a positive opinion to the assessment of Brussels, which considers that despite the “difficulties” caused by the pandemic and the war, Athens did not fail to meet the “commitments made”.

The ministers “took note” of the European Commission’s intention “not to prolong the enhanced surveillance” of Greece, which will expire on August 20, 2022.

“This, combined with the previous abolition of capital controls and the full repayment of IMF loans, would restore normal conditions in Greece for the first time since 2010”, reads the note issued at the end of the Eurogroup meeting, which took place in Luxembourg. .

message to the greeks

For the president of the Eurogroup, Pascal Donohoe, it is an “important moment” for Athens and for the single currency. But Donohoe also wanted to leave a message to the Greeks.

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