They offer shoe jobs even on the streets

Apparently, franchises, especially foreign ones, have lost interest in Guanajuato.
According to the Mexican Franchise Association, among the Bajío states, Querétaro is the preferred entity and therefore where more businesses of this type arrive, mainly food.
At the national level, this state is second in the list of those with the most franchises, only surpassed by Mexico City. In third place is Guadalajara, then Monterrey and in fifth place is Puebla.
I remember that still between 2015 and 2020 in Guanajuato -especially in the cities of the Industrial Corridor- there was a constant arrival of brands.
Among the most recent franchises that are all the rage among a large part of the population, especially in León, I remember Starbucks and then Krispy Kreme. Do you remember one or more recent ones?
There are still several franchises to consider in Guanajuato, and to give you an example, one of the ones that was talked about at the time would soon arrive in León is Wendy’s, and I told you about this at the beginning of 2000, and it has not yet been achieved. the arrival in the state of this American franchise, which according to its founder, named it after his daughter and in the end he regretted the pressure that this generated in his life.

The industrial rental price of Guanajuato has been maintained with slight adjustments, last April it closed with 4.11 dollars per m2 per month, according to Solili.
This firm in charge of the construction issue in Mexico shared in its most recent report that for a year Guanajuato reduced its industrial vacancy levels by 2.5% to reach 6.64% at the end of the first quarter 2022 (1Q2022).
They explained that, however, during April this item has been slightly adjusted to close at 7%”.
The report also mentioned that during the first quarter of this year, 150,000 m2 of construction began, highlighting the Kohler project in San Luis de la Paz.
This work will have a net profitable area of ​​113 thousand m2. Another section of the state that stands out for its constant industrial activity is the Silao-León corridor.

Yesterday I received the message that was not long in coming: The inn where I usually order food and that it brings home sent a message on WhatsApp in which it was announced that a price increase would come from next Monday.
Message that has the same price increase content that one sees in tortilla shops, in taco shops, in the grocery store and not to mention when buying the pantry.
Of 25 products that make up the basic basket, only 4 are saved from not maintaining the upward trend in their prices.
About the inns just a few days ago in Added Value it was recorded that they were raising their prices and others were changing the menu to prevent customers from leaving.
Thus the reality, and now the oil is the one that was added to the products with an increase in its price.

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