Gülcan Kamps (40) is having a tough night – her baby just didn't want to rest.
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Suddenly the baby goes crazy! Gülcan Kamps expresses a suspicion after her child’s strange behavior – it’s about Thomas Gottschalk.

Dusseldorf – Gulcan Kamps (40) has at her infant noticed a very unusual behavior and went to investigate the causes: Is “Wetten, dass ..?” moderator Thomas Gottschalk (72) – or rather his choice of clothes – to blame?

Gülcan Kamps (40) is having a tough night – her baby just didn’t want to rest. © Montage: Instagram/Screenshot/Gulcan Kamps

While the former VIVA moderator recently revealed that she wants a second child, she currently has her hands full with number 1.

Almost a year after the birth of “Baby Kamps”, the 40-year-old new mom is still extremely sensitive to the needs and behavior of her offspring. As a result, she immediately noticed something strange over the weekend.

“I noticed that my baby was so excited and upset that my sweetheart started again in the evening,” she told her 500,000 followers in an Instagram story.

Gülcan Kamps all natural: "Double topless for more naturalness"
Gulcan Kamps
Gülcan Kamps completely natural: “Double topless for more naturalness”

The little one, whose name and gender Gülcan hasn’t made public to this day, was “something romping around,” jumping around on the bed and climbing. “It was right at 180! I couldn’t get my mouse to calm down.” According to Gülcan, it was quite an isolated case, which would ultimately have meant that mother and child would only be able to rest after 11 p.m.

At first, the wife of entrepreneur Sebastian Kamps (40) had no explanation for her sweetheart’s evening spectacle, but then a realization dawned on her…

Thomas Gottschalk (72) again had an issue of last Saturday "Bet that..?" moderated - in "Tractor Red Tiger Suit".

Thomas Gottschalk (72) published another edition of “Wetten, dass ..?” last Saturday. moderated – in the “tractor red tiger suit”. © Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa

So the music station icon turned on the television for dinner and found to her surprise that “Wetten, dass..?” ran with Thomas Gottschalk.

“How did it even get past me that it was ‘Wetten, dass..?’ there?” Gülcan wondered. “In any case, we watched it and my mouse also watched, although that is actually not allowed and is not part of the agenda.”

Her baby only looked at the brightly colored screen for about half an hour – apparently a huge mistake before the upcoming night’s sleep, as Gülcan only realized afterwards. But there was another, very special thing that made her responsible for her child’s excited behavior.

Gülcan Kamps (40) wants a second baby: "I feel totally ready"
Gulcan Kamps
Gülcan Kamps (40) wants a second baby: “I feel totally ready”

“It was due to Thomas Gottschalk’s suit! He was just wearing a tractor-red tiger suit and I think that was just too much for my sweetheart,” Gülcan made Gottschalk’s stage look responsible. “It was too crazy and then it really got going again in the evening.”

Of course, it was just a funny dig at the show master’s notorious extravagant fashion style: “That was just for fun!”

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