Gunmen enter the San Pancho market, look for "El Bañao" and shoot him dead

San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato.- In it Sunday Velázquez Lunch and Dinner Market murder shot a man identified as “the bathroom“.

The incident was recorded around 6 in the afternoon at the Domingo Velázquez Lunch and Dinner Market, located at the intersection of María de la Luz Bravo and Niños Héroes boulevards, in the Downtown area.

According to versions, apparently “El Bañao”, as people identified the man, was inside the market, between a seafood stall and a machine stall slots.

When armed men, who were said to have gotten off a motorcycle, entered through the door that is on the María de la Luz Bravo boulevard, they located him and when they saw him they shot him several times and then fled the place.

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San Francisco del Rincón: They kill “El Bañao” in front of customers and merchants

This vs. customers who were still in the posts and of the same merchantshow scared they crouched downintending to take shelter from the bullets, when the shots were heard.

The attack against “El Bañao” occurred at 6 in the afternoon in a market in the downtown area of ​​San Francisco del Rincón. Photo: Staff AM.

Later they called 911 to ask for help for “El Bañao”, of between 40 and 42 years oldwho was injured on the market floor.

Elements of Citizen Security came to the scene who located the injured man and secured the area to make way for paramedics.

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San Francisco del Rincón: “El Bañao” dies minutes after being shot

Red Cross rescuers tried to help the man, however, they could do nothing because they only confirmed that no longer had vital signs.

Upon learning of the death, the place was cordoned off. market access was closed from the boulevards that surround it and the State Attorney’s Office was notified.

Subsequently, investigative agents and experts arrived to carry out the corresponding investigations.

Finally, personnel from the Forensic Medical Service lifted the body to take it to their facilities to perform the required necropsy.

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