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Gustavo Petro: “From today Colombia changes, Colombia is another”

Gustavo Petro: "From today Colombia changes, Colombia is another"

The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petroassured this Sunday in his first speech after winning the elections that today his country changed, it is another, and he proposed a “great national agreement” so as not to deepen the divisions.

“Here what is coming is a real change, a real change, in this we compromise existence, life itself, we are not going to betray that electorate that what they have shouted at the country, what they have shouted precisely at history is that from today Colombia changes, Colombia is another”said Petro before a crowd that cheered him on Movistar Arena in Bogota.


LOOK: LIVE | Results Elections Colombia 2022 | Precount: Gustavo Petro: 50.44%, Rodolfo Hernández 47.31%

With 99.99% of the polling stations informed, the former mayor of Bogotá obtained 11,281,002 votes, equivalent to 50.44% of the total, while his opponent, the populist Rodolfo Hernández, obtained 10,580,399 votes, corresponding to 47, 31%.

In a speech lasting more than 40 minutes, the president-elect, who is part of the leftist coalition of the Historical Pact, affirmed that the change he is proposing is not vindictive or “to build more hatred” or “to deepen the sectarianism of Colombian society.”is to “welcome hope, the possibility of opening a future.”

“Change means opening opportunities for all Colombians in hope,” he stressed.

Petro, a moderate rebel who brought the left to power in Colombia
Gustavo Petro sees himself as a “revolutionary” for various causes, first fighting the state as a guerrilla and now, in his third presidential campaign, bringing the left to power in Colombia for the first time.

That is why he wants his government to build Colombia as “a world power of life” that is to achieve peace, social justice and environmental justice.

“A government of life would not make sense if we do not lead Colombian society to peace, as a central objective. What does it mean to be able to make peace? It means that the 10 million or so voters of Rodolfo Hernández are welcome in this government”, he added and even invited his rival today to dialogue.


There he highlighted the “Great National Agreement”, which “has already begun to be built by 11 million Colombian men and women (who voted for it), but it has to be 50 million”.

“Peace is that Colombian society has opportunitiesPeace is that someone like me can be president or someone like (his running mate) Francia (Márquez) can be vice president. Peace is that we stop killing each other,” she stressed.

Finally, he expressed between the shouts and applause of the celebration that “the elections more or less showed two Colombias, close in terms of votes” and said that his Government hopes that “Colombia, in the midst of its diversity, will be one Colombia.”

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