Gustavo Petro responds to Rodolfo Hernández on the presidential debate: "We will abide by"

After Rodolfo Hernández assured that the affirmations of Gustavo Petro They gave him to understand a contempt for the order of the Superior Court of Bogotá, the leader of the Historical Pact replied:

I can only say that you cannot be President and set traps for the judges. Without judges, there will only be dictatorship and violence. We will abide by and defend justice.”

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Hernández assured that he considers that Petro “By stating that he was leaving such a sensitive issue in the hands of a third party -which should be resolved strictly in accordance with the ruling- he showed that he was not willing to abide by the provision in the manner ordered by the office.”

The presidential candidate for the League of Anticorruption Governors assured that he had sent Petro the invitation through a public letter for the coordination of the presidential debate ordered by the Court; however, in considering him “with the “answer signed by the candidate I deduced that he was not willing to abide strictly by the office.”

This despite the fact that the presidential candidate of the Historical Pact had expressed through a public statement that he was ready for the presidential debate since the Court’s ruling was known.

“I’m glad you agreed to debate. You did not want, they force you (…) However, I do not put conditions on this debate. None. I leave all the details of the debate in the hands of RTVC: from the moderators, to the topics, including of course those that you raise”Petro stated.

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