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Gustavo Petro was elected Colombia’s first leftist president

Gustavo Petro was elected Colombia's first leftist president

The progressive leader Gustavo Petro Urrego he won the presidential elections in Colombia on June 19 after a tense political campaign with his opponent, the millionaire Rodolfo Hernández in the fight for the succession of Iván Duque.

The senator and former guerrilla fighter won the ballot and became the first left-wing president of Colombia, according to the vote count reported by the electoral authority.

He won with 50.51% of the votes over the independent millionaire Rodolfo Hernández (47.22%), with 98.2% of the votes counted.

Specialist in Environment and Population Development with a doctorate in New Trends in Business AdministrationPetro will become, at 62, the new president of Colombia in his third attempt to win the vote of the majority of Colombians at the hands of his vice-presidential formula, Francia Márquez.

During this stage of his political campaign, Petro had to face death threats and the revelation of the so-called “Petrovideos”fragments of videos, recorded externally and without authorization, that show some of the members of his campaign planning strategies to discredit their opponents in the first round of elections.

Who is Gustavo Petro, the former guerrilla with a “very impetuous and authoritarian temperament”

The candidate and his team assured that such strategies are used in all political campaigns in the world, and demanded that the authorities carry out an exhaustive investigation to determine the responsibility for the illegal interceptions of their private meetings.

The political trajectory of the next president of Colombia

Petro was born in Ciénaga de Oro, department of Córdoba (north), has five children and is married to Verónica Alcocerwho during this campaign has been very active on social networks and in the media supporting the purpose of Petro, who during his youth was a militant of the M-19 guerrilla, which emerged in 1970 after irregularities in the presidential elections.

Having been a member of a subversive group is what a large part of Colombian society does not forgive himdespite the fact that his participation was never armed and that he was the one who promoted the disarmament of this guerrilla that later led to the drafting of the Political Constitution of Colombia of 1991, which he also helped to build.

Presidential elections put Colombia’s economic model at risk

For the second electoral round, Petro received relevant support that could add votes, especially from the downtown sector, such as that of the former member of the Centro Esperanza coalition, Alejandro Gaviria; former president Ernesto Samper; the former presidential candidate, Antanas Mockus, and the former vice-presidential candidate, Luis Gilberto Murillo.

Also adhered in this final stage were the Alianza Social Independiente party; the former negotiator of the Havana Peace Agreement and former senator, Juan Fernando Cristo; the leaders of the Green Party, Ariel Avila, Antonio Sanguino and Angélica Lozano, as well as 1,160 academics who argued that they want “a society in which knowledge is conceived as the axis of democratic construction”.

“Petrophobia”, as the fear generated by Petro is calleddid not prevent artists such as Doris Salcedo and renowned writers such as Laura Restrepo, Mario Mendoza, Daniel Samper and Olga Behar from also expressing their intention to vote for him.

During his time in Congress, Petro stood out for his complaints against cases such as the links between paramilitarism and politicians.which resulted in more than 60 convictions and ongoing investigations, and revealed the illegal interceptions of the communications of opposition politicians, journalists and human rights defenders by the Administrative Department of Security.

Who is Francia Márquez and why did he win the “Green Nobel”?

During his mayoralty in Bogotá, the city where he has his great electoral capital, managed to lower the rates of poverty, malnutrition, especially in the child population, also lowered the number of homicidesmanaged to lower the cost of the mass transportation system and specified policies related to the protection of animals and the environment.

However, the failure to implement the garbage collection model is something that many do not forget and that at the time cost the dismissal from the position of mayor and an inability to hold public office for a period of 15 yearswhich was reversed thanks to a ruling in his favor by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Among his proposals for Colombia is moving towards an economic model that does not depend exclusively on oil extraction and developing an economy based on caring for water, as well as a tax and pension reform that allows all older adults to have an income minimum.

“The old man from TikTok”: who is Hernández, the eccentric “populist” businessman who could govern Colombia

Also promised a vital minimum of internet for all families, deployment of 5G technology prioritizing its use in educationenergy transition and agriculture, as well as a reform within the Public Force that allows measuring the security of the country in lives and that allows the uniformed men to improve their quality of life, through study and fair promotions.

He promised that he would provide the necessary guarantees for the implementation of the Peace Agreement between the government and the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and would reopen the door to peace talks with the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN). , Y it will not negotiate with organized armed groups, such as the “Clan del Golfo”, from whom it will take power and bring it to justice.

At the international level, Petro stressed that his government will respect the international order and non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries as a principle, as well as the strengthening of cooperation ties with the Asian countries of the Pacific Rim and maintaining relations with the European Union and the United States.

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