Gustavo Petro: when does the new president of Colombia 2022 take office?

Gustavo Petro was elected this Sunday as the new president of Colombia. With 99.79% of the tables informed, the candidate of the Historical Pact and his vice-presidential formula, Francia Márquez, obtained 11,274,343 votes (50.48%).

The investiture ceremony will be next August 7day that commemorates the Boyaca’s battle who achieved the liberating feat over the Spaniards. That day Iván Duque will leave the Casa de Nariño to make room for Gustavo Petro, who becomes the country’s first leftist president.

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The reason it is held on that day is that it was decreed as the administration transition date for the commemoration of the Battle of Boyacá (1819)when the liberation movement was imposed on the Spaniards and the transformation of Gran Colombia into a republic was formally begun.

The elected president, that is Gustavo Petrowill decide the time and place where the ceremony will take place.

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The ceremony will begin with the call of the plenary session of Congress, then the president of the legislative branch takes the oath of the president-elect and places the presidential sash on him.

The president in office does the same with his vice-presidential formula, that is, Francia Márquez, and ends up installing his cabinet in the Casa de Nariño.

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