Gusztáv Molnár: I'm a bad person, I'm considering suicide

Gusztáv Molnár has been going through a difficult time in recent months, as in addition to seeing his child less – his ex-partner claims he abused their son – he has also lost his wife due to his alcohol problems. The actor, who suffers from bipolar disorder, entered the retreat in order to repair his relationship with his wife, who has had a lot of trouble in the past few days. Vivien reported that Molnár sent her a message from her mother’s phone saying she was dead, and that she noticed him talking to other women about sexual topics, so she decided to end their marriage.

Regarding what happened, Blikk now asked the Slav of the Dear Heirs, who was devastated. As we reported, he had already considered taking his own life, then his wife called the police, but now such thoughts are swirling in his head again.

I’m an alcoholic scumbag. Without my wife, I have nothing. I see no way out but to end my life. I’m considering suicide

said the for sheet Gusztáv Molnár, who denied that he had sent sexual messages to other women.

As he explained, he feels that this may be his last chance to give up alcohol for good. He added that it pains him that his wife wants a divorce, but he understands the decision, as she deserves it. He also noted that he knew he should go to retreat immediately, but he wasn’t sure he would have the strength to pull himself together.

The truth is that I am an alcoholic man who has no strength to prove himself anymore. I know that I have no chance with my wife, but now I feel like I don’t have the strength to give up alcohol and I’d rather throw my life away

– stated the actor, who is aware that he needs help, but does not know if he will have the strength to ask for it. He added that he had already tried all his chances with his wife, who couldn’t take it anymore, so they decided to end the marriage.

If you also feel that you need help, call the toll-free telephone numbers 116-123 or 06 (80) 820-111 for those in crisis! Please read it this page! If you are worried about something else, we recommend this page to your attention.

(Cover photo: Molnár Gusztáv Dömötör at the rehearsal of his crime thriller Tamás Interrogation? at the Átrium Film Theater on April 3, 2017. Photo: János Marjai / MTI)

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