Hanne van K3 gave birth to a baby boy
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Hanne Verbruggen (28) from K3 gave birth to her first child last Monday. Studio 100 confirms this. Mom and son are doing well.

Hanne and her friend Jorn have become the proud parents of a little boy. He was named Julien. Studio 100 confirms this. “Seven years ago my biggest dream came true when I became a K3. But the arrival of Julien has surpassed this without a doubt. It is an indescribably blissful feeling to become a mother,” says Hanne.

“I am so happy for them that they can finally enjoy their son together and I am very happy to visit when they are ready so that I can also hold him in my arms. After all, it is also a special baby for us,” says Marthe. Julia can’t wait either. “I’m also sooo looking forward to seeing the baby because I really feel like I’m an aunt now. We patiently gave them some time to take it easy, but now we really want to go for a baby visit!”


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