Hans and Tourist LeMC start as favorites as final 'BV Darts' comes into view
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The final of BV Darts is in sight. In the penultimate hurdle, Hans ‘The Spartan’ van Alphen and Tourist ‘Samurai’ LeMC are already on a collision course.

The BV League of BV Darts has made it clear in recent weeks who is among the favourites. Hans impressed so far and can write the maximum number of legs to his name so far. Classy Tourist shows himself to be the man to beat who has not lost a single match throughout the tournament. But will Hans again throw a lot of matches during the third match day of the BV League or will opponent Jamie-Lee Six be able to steal a few legs? And will the undefeated Tourist waltz over challengers Maksim Stojanac and Jamie-Lee or will he finally lose out? The BV Darters compete to the last gasp, because every leg won can shake up the standings of the BV League and only the top four advance to the final.

BV Darts, VTM 2, Thursday at 8.40 pm

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