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Harald Schmidt on theatre: “I’m not interested in political sensitivities”

Entertainer Harald Schmidt (64) likes to have a strong opinion.

Harald Schmidt settles accounts with modern theater because: He doesn’t think much of the political sensitivities of an ensemble.

Stuttgart/Berlin – Entertainer Harald Schmidt (64) thinks little of new approaches on German theater stages.

Entertainer Harald Schmidt (64) likes to have a strong opinion. © Gerald Matzka/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

“When I go to the theater, I want to see actors and a play that are as virtuosic as possible. I’m not interested in projects or the political situation of an ensemble, because the ensemble members lack the competence,” he said Berlin newspaper.

“That only works in a system where the theaters are subsidized with billions. If you play in London’s West End or on New York’s Broadway, such ideas are over after the first day of performances.”

The subsidized city theater is proud “that not only professionals are on the stage, but also ambitious amateurs or members of any ethnic groups who are currently being discussed.” But the stages could not open up a new audience with it. “The old one just stays away,” he said.

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Schmidt himself will be on the stage of the Stuttgart Theater for three dates in September with the “Schedule Analysis” program.

“I want to say to the viewer: There is theater here as you know it. Someone comes onto the stage and plays something for you. He also doesn’t expect that society has gotten better afterwards,” said the cabaret artist and show master (” The Harald Schmidt Show”).

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