Harrison Ford gets digital rejuvenation treatment in new 'Indiana Jones'
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© Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

At the age of 80, Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones. But for the latest film, the American actor is digitally made a lot younger. That has everything to do with the opening scene.

The fifth story about archaeologist Indiana Jones will take place in 1969. But at the beginning of the film there is a scene that is set in the year 1944. To have it played by the now elderly Harrison Ford, the makers seemed unrealistic. But with the very latest computer techniques, they can link old archive footage of the actor to newly recorded footage. And so the 80-year-old will suddenly look a lot younger.

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According to Ford, the digital rejuvenation cure will not be a stumbling block for fans. He himself is happy with it. “I was very happy with the result, but if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t want to look like I did back then. In any case, it does not make me long for my younger years,” the actor laughs. “I’m glad I’ve earned my age.” Indiana Jones 5 will be released in the summer of 2023.

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