'Harry Potter' actor Tom Felton was recently back in rehab: 'Saying I'm not okay has made me stronger'
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Tom Felton, known as Draco Malfoy from the ‘Harry Potter’ films, has recently been re-admitted to rehab. The 35-year-old actor himself tells this in a candid conversation with the British newspaper The Guardian.

In his recently published autobiography Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard Felton is already very talkative about his depression and alcohol problems. Of that period he wrote: “The root cause was partly that I have a genetic predisposition to it, partly that I struggled with the feeling that something was not right in my life. A feeling I think we all experience from time to time.”

Now the actor says that he was recently in rehab again. That was not forced. He went there of his own accord, he says in a interview with The Guardian in which he looks back on his young life. The passage about the clinic is striking, all the more so because Felton does not want to elaborate on it this time. “I now know there is a resource I can lean on. Jumping in the ocean twice a day and walking my dog ​​also helps. If it ever gets as bad as it was then, I know what steps I can take.”

Felton, who played the blonde and bully wizard Draco in Harry Potter for years, concludes: “Saying out loud that I’m not okay really made me stronger.”

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