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According to their acquaintance, despite this, they remained on good terms with each other.

The relationship between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, who at the beginning of 2021, was in a serious crisis It’s okay, honey they fell in love during the filming of the movie According to a source close to them, the star couple is currently taking a break, as they find it difficult to reconcile their personal lives and their careers.

“Harry is still on tour and will be going abroad soon. Olivia focuses on her children and her work in Los Angeles,” quoted the People magazine the informant, according to whom the parties are still very close friends.

“Right now, they have different priorities that separate them.”

Internet users, however, suspect something else in the background: in their comments, they often discuss the fact that, according to them, the whole romance was probably just a PR stunt.

“The movie is out, no more ads are needed. I didn’t expect that, no one ever said.”

“I don’t think they really did.”

“Their contract has expired” – the comments came one after the other, in which most of them welcomed the news.

“Well, finally!”

“I’m surprised it took this long at all.”

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