Harvey Robinson, one of America's youngest and most ruthless serial killers

Many of the most heinous crimes you can imagine, including sexual abuse of minors, are part of the criminal record. American Harvey Robinson, a young man who before he came of age had already become one of the most feared serial killers in the world.

Although at first glance many people thought that Robinson was a lovable man and devoted to his studies.no one could imagine the barbarities that he was capable of committing and how twisted his mind could become.

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How far could a high school junior go?

The answer is terrifying, because this subject, being just a teenager, he had the mentality of a psychopath who increasingly enjoyed torturing and murdering his victimsdevised macabre plans and made the inhabitants of an American city tremble with fear during the 90s.

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However, luck was not always on his side. Robinson and, although in most of his crimes he managed to get away with it, he was exposed when one of his victims survived.

How was your life?

According to the local media outlet The Morning Call, Harvey Miguel Robinson was born on December 6, 1974 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States.. During his childhood, he witnessed events that forever marked his way of seeing life.

His father was a jazz musician and had problems with alcohol. He was also quite a violent man and, when he arrived home in a drunken state, he brutally beat his wife – the mother of Robinson– and their children.

For a long time, the woman was afraid of separating from her husband, until one day, tired of all the abuse he committed against her, she plucked up her courage and divorced, taking her children away from their violent father.

At the time, Robinson He was just a three-year-old boy, but his father’s behavior influenced his life too much. The boy developed a peculiar admiration for his father, despite having witnessed the suffering his mother went through.

Until he was nine years old, little Harvey was recognized for being studious, skillful for sports and very polite with others. However, from this age, his character began to change completely.

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As he grew older, he began to behave rebelliously, disobeying authority and became increasingly stubborn. Some of his teachers even thought he had a personality disorder.

When Harvey became a young man, he began to have problems with the law, since he used drugs, which increased their defiant and violent behaviors. In addition, he was arrested multiple times for theft and resisting arrest.

However, all these crimes would be nothing compared to those he would commit later, for which he became one of the biggest problems for the US authorities.

The start of his most heinous crimes

As reported by the Spanish media La Vanguardia, Robinson’s first big crime was when he was 18, in 1992. He brutally murdered a 29-year-old woman named Joan Burghardt.as revenge.

Initially, the criminal only planned to break into his victim’s home to steal his valuables. However, he was only able to take the $50 he found and immediately left the home.

When the woman noticed that someone had entered her home, she decided to report the event to the authorities as a break-in. Four days after the complaint, Robinson returned to exact revenge.

The man entered the apartment again. Burghardt and played music at full volume so that no one could hear their screams. Subsequently, he sexually abused her and murdered her by hitting her repeatedly on the head.

According to the autopsy provided to the police, the murderer dealt him approximately 35 blows to the skull, until it caused a fracture that triggered a brain hemorrhage.

His second perfect crime was Charlotte Schmoyer, a 15-year-old teenager who worked as a newspaper delivery girl. On June 9, 1993, Schmoyer left his house on a bicycle, as he usually did, but never returned.

As reported by The Morning Call, Robinson abducted the young woman and took her to a wooded area of ​​Allentown, where he sexually assaulted her and stabbed her 22 times to death. Later, he cut her throat and buried her under a pile of logs.

When a neighbor noticed the absence of Schmoyer, decided to alert the authorities, who immediately began an exhaustive investigation. Making the same route that the young woman did every day, the Police found several of her belongings, which led them to the place where her body was.

Although the authorities were alerted by the repeated cases of murders that had been registered in the city, the criminal acted again days after his last crime, on June 23, 1993.

For some time now, Robinson had been stalking a woman to make her his next victim. When he was spying on her outside her house, he realized that she was not alone, she was accompanied by a 5-year-old girl. But that didn’t stop him, on the contrary, it motivated him even more. The murderer entered the house and left the woman unconscious to sexually abuse the little girl.

After his assignment, Robinson tried to suffocate the girl and thought he had murdered her. However, she had only been knocked unconscious and, some time later, she woke up from her, so she was able to deliver her testimony to the authorities.

The crime that gave him away

The delinquent had been planning to enter the house of Denise and John Sam-Cali, a couple who lived in the neighborhood where he had committed the previous crimes, to steal some belongings.

One night, the killer noticed that Denise was home alone, so he decided to go in to sexually assault her. Neverthelessthe woman began to scream and managed to defend herself by scratching and biting her attacker hard on the arm.

When a neighbor heard Denise cry for help and called the police, Robinson fled the scene, but knew he was coming back to finish his job.

The authorities inspected the house and alerted the couple, since it was very likely that the perpetrator would return, so they were going to mount an operation to catch him.

According to a report by The Morning Call, The murderer entered the Cali house on July 31, 1993 at 1:25 in the morning, but this time, officer Brian Lewis was waiting for him.

When the officer realized that the man had entered the house, he threatened him with a firearm and told him to stop. Given this, the murderer began to shoot, so a shootout began. In the middle of the attack Robinson was injured and the authorities deduced that he would go to a health center.

Moments later, the offender arrived at Allentown’s Lehigh Valley Hospital, where The doctors alerted the authorities that a gunshot wound had arrived who also had a very peculiar wound on his arm: a bite.

The police soon arrived at the health center and captured the criminal. After investigations, detectives Robinson was accused of being responsible for the murders of Joan Burghardt, Charlotte Schmoyer and Jennifer Jean Fortney.

The end of their atrocities

Between March and November 1994, the lawsuit against the murderer took place, in which He was sentenced to three death sentences because the DNA evidence found on the bodies of the victims coincided with the identity of the accused.

As reported by local media Lehigh Valley Live, The criminal’s lawyers appealed the court’s decision, whereby two of the three death sentences were invalidated and replaced by life imprisonment.

Later, in 2006, the judge suspended the offender’s death sentence, so that, to this day, He remains in a Pennsylvania prison, waiting for the day to come when he is given the lethal injection.

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