Has Ukraine won the Battle of Kharkiv?

“Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine has been going on for 77 days, recalls in its daily follow-up the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda. The forces of the invaders are particularly active in the Donetsk region and towards the Dnieper. More and more missiles are targeting the Odessa region.”

“Fierce fighting continues in the Azovstal factory in besieged Mariupol. Heroic Ukrainian soldiers are still inside the factory,” and meanwhile, “Ukrainian defenders are advancing in the Kharkiv region: four localities have been liberated in the last 24 hours”.

Ukrainian counter-offensive

It does indeed seem that for the past few days, the Ukrainian armed forces, which have been on the counter-offensive in the vicinity of Kharkiv for more than a week already, have obtained local successes which would have enabled them to push back the Russian troops, at certain points to the border of the Russian Federation.

For the Ukrainian authorities, comments on the news site Tsenzor, it would be “the result of a coordinated action of Ukrainian units in the region”, at the end of which several localities would have been taken over, including the town of Roubijné. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

“In the Kharkiv region, the enemy, after the failure of his attempt to encircle the city, finds himself in a defensive position.”

In all, since the outbreak of hostilities, Ukraine would have “regained control of 1,200 kilometers of its borders, in the regions of kyiv, Sumy and Chernihiv. Of which two-thirds with the Russian Federation”, also confirms the information site Obozrevatel.

Based on this information, “Presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak expressed his certainty that the Ukrainian army would liberate Kherson”, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

Notice to “gauleiters”

However, at the same time, “the power appointed by the occupier at the head of the military and civil administration of the Kherson region has announced that it intends to ask President Vladimir Putin to include Kherson in the composition of the Russian Federation without a referendum”.

But on Twitter, Podolyak warns :

“The only call that the ‘gauleiters can prepare from the Kherson region, it is an appeal for leniency after the court verdict.”

Convinced that the Ukrainian forces will also regain control of the largest city hitherto fallen into the hands of the Russian army, he adds, ironically, that the occupation authorities “can as well ask to be attached to the composition of Mars or even of Jupiter”.

On the website of the daily newspaper of Lviv Vissoki Zamok, Dmytro Yarosh, one of the founders of the far-right Right Sector movement, believes that a gradual reconquest is possible elsewhere than around Kharkiv: “As of now, the aid of our allies gives us the possibility of preparing and arming part of the reserve units which, in the short term, will be able to take part in large-scale counter-offensive operations, with the aim of freeing the occupied territories.”

A new long and complex phase

In an interview given to Financial Times, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmytro KulebaQuoted by Ukrainska Pravda, also said that “Ukraine, in the event of victory in the battle for Donbass, wishes to liberate all its territories occupied by Russia, but it does not exclude negotiations”.

The Ukrainian version of the site of Radio Svoboda considers that the latest developments on the ground clearly indicate that Ukraine is about to enter a new phase of the conflict, after “Russia has declared the new objectives of the second phase of its ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine: to take full control of Donbass and southern Ukraine to secure a land corridor to annexed Crimea and gain access to the Transnistria”.

“Ukraine and its allies have different assessments of the major offensive already launched by the Kremlin in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but somehow since mid-April the fighting on the eastern front are more and more intense, the destruction of the cities is colossal.”

In his May 11 briefing, Hanna Malyar, assistant to the Minister of Defense, underlined, in remarks taken from the site of the television channel Souspilné, only after concentrating “a large amount of military units around kyiv”, “the enemy” had come up against “the fierce resistance of the Ukrainian army and the first phase was won by Ukraine. Then the enemy started to resort to other tactics and strategies”. “We should expect a complex and long stage of struggle until the complete elimination of enemy forces from our country and the restoration of sovereignty within the framework of our state borders. Because Russia still has a lot of resources that it intends to use in the very near future.”

According to her, this new phase could “last a few weeks, or months”.

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