Have you been bullied?  Do you feel happy?  Companies must apply a new work environment survey
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In accordance with the new guidelines of the Ministry of Health (Minsal) to assess psychosocial risks at work, the Superintendency of Social Security (Suseso) updated its Work Environment-Mental Health Assessment Questionnaire, an instrument that employers must apply to employees. mandatory workers.

The Superintendent of Social Security, Pamela Gana, explains that the idea is to ensure better mental health for workers and, therefore, “have healthier and thus more productive companies.”

The methodology of the instrument continues to place emphasis and center on social dialogue within the company, so that “together workers and employers can measure psychosocial risks at work and identify preventive measures of an organizational nature for the best joint result of the company says Win.

Pamela Gana, Superintendent of Social Security.

The new version, he emphasizes, incorporates questions that seek to identify those risk factors most linked to people’s mental health.

Among these factors, the worker’s role recognition and clarity scale, the vulnerability scale (taken from the job insecurity questionnaire) and the workplace violence and harassment scale stand out. These three dimensions are the ones that show a greater correlation with people’s mental health, they say from the entity.

Harassment and recognition

Considering these axes, the questionnaire incorporates questions related to the type of contract, salaries, tasks, even questions such as: Do you feel reasonably happy considering all the circumstances? Have you been exposed to nasty jokes? o Have you been exposed to work-related harassment via email, text messages, and/or on social media (eg, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)?

It is the first time that the service includes harassment in the questionnaire.

Regarding this, although Gana points out that the victims are not a majority, he does believe that -when it exists- workplace bullying has a great impact on people’s mental health.

“That is why it is so important to include it in the measurement,” he says.

According to Gana, other important dimensions must also be taken into account for the purposes of workers’ mental health, such as recognition at work (saying “your work is well done”, “your work is important”) and clarity role (that workers know their functions).

“These aspects, in addition to being important in mental health, it was observed in the study carried out that the frequency with which workers present high risk in this area is not less. Hence the importance of measuring and analyzing it and, more importantly, managing said risk”, explained the superintendent.

For Gana, it is essential that companies apply this questionnaire and not only because it is mandatory, but also because -from their perspective- “a good workplace, with well-managed psychosocial risk factors, is a good place to work and allows increase productivity”.

The new questionnaire is now available to companies and can be found on the Suseso web portal.

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