He did not give up, he created the car out of garbage and it is all the rage: "I cant believe it yet"

The first time

Years and years of effort and dedication, of giving up and going back. Of never giving up. This was Edmundo’s relationship with his junk car. “After 12 years of work, on October 2, 2019 I went out to the street with my garbage car here in the town, it was a very strong experience, it seemed very crazy to drive a garbage car, but because my calculations gave that a car of that type with water could reach 40 kilometers, or even 60 if I was wrong. But the first day I went out I lifted 100 kilometersI couldn’t believe it, I got emotional, it was incredible. It is documented by a vehicle that was in support, they filmed me, it is an indelible memory, ”she recalled with emotion.

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Not everything tastes of victory

Creating this “involves permanent trial and error”, explains Edmundo. And he remarks: “At one point I considered the project finished, I resigned. I was looking at how to sell the vehicle, I didn’t even want to get out of depression. Suddenly, I felt a voice, I thought it was something inside myself, but it was God. They pushed me out of bed, it was unbelievable. One day I found myself standing by the bed, changed, and proved to God that it wasn’t going to work despite words of encouragement. So, I turned it on for the last time and although I couldn’t believe it, it turned on, that’s why, on the sides of my vehicle, in gratitude, the phrase “to the glory of God” says.

From Quiaca to Río Gallegos

The journey included several Argentine cities, among the Quiaca and Rio Gallegosa stretch that reached 4800 kilometers “using as fuel only the waste that we collected along the way, not precisely because of the Route 40, but through the rubbish route”, recalls Edmundo. To which he maintains: “We were taking the routes that border the towns, where there is always waste. I have two types of gasifiers, one that is mounted in the bed of the truck, with a range of 50 kilometers, which allows me to come and go from my house in Anisacate to Alta Gracia. Meanwhile, to make longer stretches, I built a larger gasifier trailer, which has to be recharged every 50 kilometers and allows me to obtain a range of 500 kilometers. With that, I did the whole tour”.

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“There were many cities, every time I got to one I had to ask what kind of waste was generated. Little by little I advanced. In San Juan, Mendoza, they already knew us, and they were waiting for us with the waste. In Río Gallegos they applauded us, it had a lot of repercussion, it was beautiful”he adds.

What type of waste do you use?

Regarding the waste that the vehicle needs, Edmundo points out that it uses “organic waste, shells, pits, wood. Garbage or waste must be dry, combustible and organic: Examples: Pruning remains, pits (peach, plum), shells (walnut, almond, peanut), oak seeds, charcoal, wood, etc… Here it should be clarified that this is not a digester. The digester is a giant container where wet waste accumulates and after several weeks of decomposition produces methane. This is a gasifier that is smaller and lighterproduces carbon monoxide, hydrogen and oxygen or “Gasura” (garbage gas) due to the incomplete combustion of dry residues and the dissociation of the water 15 minutes after being turned on. This “Gasura” can be used especially in places far from urban areas for explosion engines such as vehicles, electric motor-generator, motorized pump for water extraction, motorized welding machine, tractors, etc…”

On the autonomy of Rancherthe man specifies that “It weighs almost a ton, the large size of my 3.6-liter engine and driving at 80 km/h can be estimated between 15 kilos of garbage and a liter of water every 100 km. Any vehicle today, with a much smaller engine, will have greater autonomy. This year I have just covered Argentina from end to end, 4,800 km using only the waste that I collected along the way as fuel”.

And reiterates: “I go to Gasura, then to CNG and finally to gasoline with the same engine”.

Given its emergence, many wonder if this project can be implemented with any vehicle, to which Edmundo points out that “You can use any car or motorcycle that can pull a trailer with the gasifier and you feed the engine with a hose. You can also mount a small gasifier in the trunk but the autonomy will be less “.

Lastly, the electromechanical engineer recalled that on his website Facebook “Car to Junk” there are photos, videos, plans and a complete guide for free. It is not necessary to ask me for a friendship, because all the information is public.

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