He falsified the VTV and his car was hijacked.

In the morning hours of yesterday’s day, at a road check the members of the Road Safety and Tourism Division of the UR-IV carried out the documentary verification to a car brand Peugeot 405, traveling in the direction of Puerto IguazĂș-Posadas. Its driver presented a VTV that the experts determined that it was apocryphal.

The agents carried out vehicular device on kilometer 1473 of National Route No. 12In the town of Puerto Rico, when at the selective control checkpoint they requested the documentation from the motorist, and When verifying the technical inspection certificate, they noticed a series of anomalies.

It was also established with the verification plant in Eldorado, which the data reflected in the documentation presented by the car owner, They were not registered in the system.

He falsified the VTV and his car was hijacked. (Misiones Police /)

Intervention was given to the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Puerto Ricowho ordered carjacking, being deposited in the jurisdictional Police Station.

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