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He fell asleep while watching a movie at the cinema and starred in an unusual moment

He fell asleep while watching a movie at the cinema and starred in an unusual moment

The dream of many is someday to go to the movies and have the room to themselves. Change seats as many times as you want, do all kinds of crazy things and enjoy the movie without disturbing noises or people asking permission to go to the bathroom. However, there are some wishes that, when they come true, can be true nightmares. That happened to a young man who went to see a movie, but fell asleep in the middle and ended up locked in the complex. He shared his experience on TikTok and it went viral.

mikeless sanchez went happily to the cinema to enjoy a movie. She bought the ticket for the last performance and also a drink; she settled into her seat and waited for her to start. But her emotion was overcome by fatigue and she closed her eyes for a few moments to rest her vision. The problem was that he didn’t open them until several hours later, when the film was over and the whole room was in darkness.

From a movie: he fell asleep and ended up locked in the cinema

“I fell asleep in the room, there is no one and they turned me off… What’s up? And the employees?, he told in a video he shared on his TikTok account. Unable to believe what was happening, he began to walk the halls looking for someone who could help him. Laughter mixed with nerves, fear and uncertainty for several minutes.

“I swear I thought the employees who cleaned the room after every movie were going to wake me up, but they left without cleaning it”, he wrote in the clip without hiding his astonishment. Finally she got to the hall of the complex and it was also completely empty. Hoping, it was until the exit doors, but they were all closed.

Despite this, he did not give up and decided to tour the facilities in search of a solution. He went to the kitchen, passed by the counter where the popcorn is sold and even tried to test if the computers, from which the tickets are issued, were working. Time passed and there were no longer any places to look for a way out. There she began to worry.

Finally, he gave up and knew that I had no choice but to wait for dawn and open the doorsso he decided to make himself comfortable in one of the large armchairs and sleep for a few hours. When he opened his eyes he realized that nothing was the product of a dream and he was indeed locked in the cinema. Afraid that they might challenge him for what happened, he went to the bathroom to wash his hands and waited for someone to arrive.

The young man showed how he managed to leave the complex

After several hours of uncertainty, tension and concern, the horror movie that Sánchez starred in had a happy ending. A cleaner arrived and allowed him to leave.

When he reached the parking lot, he was relieved to see that his car was still in the same place where he parked it. But, to his surprise, he realized that did not lock the doors, something that could have been a real tragedy. However, she was thankful that she had nothing of value inside.

His story went viral on TikTok and his videos had millions of views. As expected, users reacted to the post and left their comment. “Laugh not to cry”, “I love that despite the fear he did not drop the glass”, “The day he tells his grandchildren it will be the best”, were some of the comments.

For their part, others responded to the question of why the employees did not wake him up when the movie ended and others, why didn’t you use your phone to call someone for help.

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