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The man was on his way home when he suddenly noticed a check on the ground. After picking it up, he was faced with the fact that the check was for a total of 4,631,000 euros.

The amount was paid to Haribo by a German supermarket chain, Rewe. The man then approached the company, whose lawyer asked him to destroy the check. The man did so and sent photographic evidence of it happening.

Haribo later sent the man a package as a thank you,

which contained six packets of gum.

The Insider according to the man then told the German Bild that the company did not exaggerate the gratitude. “I felt that they were a little tight-lipped,” the man told the paper.

Haribo also confirmed the incident to Bild. The company also added that only they could have withdrawn the amount for which the check was issued anyway. Finally, they also said that they had sent the man their “standard thank you package” that they used to send in all such cases.