Antonio Félix was able to meet the Boca squad in Santiago del Estero.

Antonio Felix is ​​67 years old. and was cheated in La Rioja with trout tickets to see Mouth against Ferro. His situation went viral and the club fulfilled his dream.

Many times for people who live in the interior, it is difficult for them to go to the stadiums to see their team. Above all, in provinces where they almost never go to play games. This is the case of La Rioja, a place where Xeneize did not play a match decades ago. His crossing through Argentine Cup It was a reason for many fans to see him in person for the first time in his life. This was the case of Anthony. He bought his tickets with great enthusiasm, but on the day of the match, he was told that they were counterfeit. He was unable to enter the stadium and the image of him sitting, desolate, went viral on social networks. He quickly set up a campaign so that what happened to him would reach the leaders of the Ribera group.

Antonio Félix was able to meet the Boca squad in Santiago del Estero. (@BocaJrsOficial/)

Managers quickly contacted him. To make up for the bad time he lived through, They invited him to watch the match that Boca is playing tonight in Santiago del Estero against Central Córdoba. Not only will he be able to see the club he loves for the first time in his life in a stadium, but he also went to the hotel to meet the players. was able to greet Carlos Izquierdoz, Pipa Benedetto and Sebastián Battaglia, among others. He took a shirt signed by the players and a memory that he will never forget.

Not only will it be tonight at the Single Mothers of Cities Stadium, the leaders also invited him to La Bombonera. He will go next Wednesday to Buenos Aires to see the match between Mouth and Tiger. It will be something more than special. He was never able to go to the mythical Xeneize stadium, so the emotion will be double. A dream that started in the worst way will end with the wish of a lifetime come true. Antonio will be able to see the field that he watched so many times on television.

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