After a year, the young woman realized the mistake (Video capture)
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the rapper Mac Miller passed away in 2018, leaving his fans devastated, who still keep his memory alive as the music icon that he was. The tributes are varied and constant. Among them, that of a young woman from the United Kingdom who wanted to pay homage to one of her favorite artists went viral. That was whyand decided to get a tattoo a phrase from one of his songs on the chest. However, after a year he discovered a very serious error and The moment went viral on social media..

The girl chose to write part of the lyrics for the rapper’s fourth studio album. It was recorded in 2016, two years before he died, and had the collaboration of other musicians of the genre.. The album titled The Divine Feminine He branded her with fire to such an extent that she did not hesitate to immortalize it in her body.

Nevertheless, Courteney He did not take into account a detail the day he went to tattoo, which is about checking every detail of the process. Evidently, the tattoo artist who made the design had no idea who the rapper was let alone the name of the album that she wanted to wear on her skin for the rest of her life. But, she also didn’t notice that it was misspelled and by the time she did, 365 days had already passed.

got a wrong tattoo

With resignation, he chose to share everything that happened from his TikTok account. It is that he discovered, almost by accident, that instead of writing “Divine Feminine” on his chest, they put ““Devine Feminine”. With much disappointment, she showed how a single vowel had spoiled the whole sense of her tribute to the late rapper. Beyond the bad drink, she decided to take the situation with a certain humor and recorded herself “regretting the event” with various gestures.

“Mac is moving after seeing my misspelled tattoo”, he wrote as a caption to the video that went viral on TikTok. “That’s hard”Courtney added, explaining that she also went to the place where she was tattooed to complain. But, the tattoo artist still did not understand and asked: “What word is misspelled?” She so far she failed to fix the design. “Now I just laugh,” she said with a bit of humor.

After a year, the young woman realized the mistake (Video capture)

“Mac would have laughed at the situation, we know it”; “If you didn’t say it, I didn’t realize it”; “For me it doesn’t even show”; “You are going to find a solution, for the moment all that remains is to laugh”; “It took me a while to figure out which word is misspelled”; “She was cute the same” and “Don’t make so much trouble if you don’t have the solution”, were some of the comments on the publication that reached more than 100,000 likes.

Either way, the protagonist of the story received messages of support from her followers. Now, it only remains to know if he finally managed to modify the tattoo with another professional, or if he decided to leave it as it was and make it part of a fun anecdote.

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