He had a good time with a mob boss, and the Gypsy King was banned from America

In spite of the heavyweight British boxing champion Tyson Fury preparing to return to the ring with steam power, the athlete, nicknamed the King of Gypsies, will also have to deal with unexpected inconveniences in addition to training.

THE Daily Mail information Fury may have been banned from the United States after allegedly associating with Daniel Kinahan, the mafia leader.

The Dublin Supreme Court has identified Kinahan as one of the high-ranking figures in organized crime, which has led the U.S. Treasury Department to impose sanctions on the mafia leader, his father, Christy Kinahan, and his brother, Christy Kinahan Jr., and several members of the Kinahan family.

The award was offered by the U.S. State Department

The U.S. State Department is not idle either, as $ 5 million (HUF 1.9 billion) in rewards have been offered in exchange for information leading to the arrest and / or conviction of Kinahan family members.

The family, led by Daniel, is said to have traded heroin and cocaine in Ireland and across Europe in the 1990s, with an estimated £ 833 million (£ 387.9 billion), but several murders are also known for his cruel methods. linked to a criminal organization.

The Kinahan transnational criminal organization can be mentioned on a page with mafia groups such as the Italian Camorra, the Mexican Los Zetas, the Japanese Yakuza or the Russian Thieves In Law

Said Gregory Gatjanis, co-director of the U.S. Treasury Department.

The Gypsy King denies it

Tyson Fury has denied his relationship with Kinahan all along, yet a photo of the two was released in Dubai this February.

This is not my business, I do not deal with the dealings of others. From taking a picture with a man, I’m not going to be a criminal yet. I’m just a boxer, but there may be a criminal in this building

Fury responded to the accusations, suggesting that it was possible that he had indeed taken a picture with a mobster without his knowledge.

Members of the Kinahan family are currently still in the UAE, as the Arab country has no extradition agreement with Ireland.

(Cover image: Julian Finney / Getty Images Hungary)

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