The malignant tumor that had lodged in the kidney

In March, Richard Bernstein, a 62-year-old man, began to notice that his foot began to swell and that the pain he had had for some time began to worsen. Alarmed by the situation, he decided to go to the family doctor, who referred him to an expert who gave him a devastating diagnosis: “He had four days to live.”

The man, a native of Montvale, New Jersey, maintained that he had begun to manifest small pains in one toe of his right foot five years ago, but that he had not given it importance. Over time, the discomfort spread throughout the limb and he began to seek help from sports doctors and podiatrists, but they found nothing abnormal, so he decided to continue with his life.

“I went to my podiatrist because I thought I had a broken toe, but he couldn’t find anything wrong,” began to recount during an interview new york post. Two years later, he explained, the pain began to spread and deepen all the way to his ankle and that’s when he decided to visit a sports doctor. According to her account, not finding anything serious, visibly, the specialist told him that he could have “stenosis, of the spinal canal”, a narrowing of the spaces within the spine that can put pressure on the nerves that run through the spine, and that this could be treated with physical therapy.

The malignant tumor that had lodged in the kidneyCourtesy New York Post

However, over time the pain began to severely affect his quality of life and it was only in March, when he saw that his right leg was swollen, that he decided to see a clinician. At this point, they recommended a computed tomography scan. [TAC] of the abdomen, which determined that something was wrong. So they decided to send him to an expert in urology, who gave him a devastating diagnosis. “He told me I had four days to live”counted.

After analyzing the different tests that the doctors recommended, they indicated that “I had a large cancerous tumor in my kidney and a tumor thrombus that had grown through the renal vein and filled the vena cava, which is the main vein that drains the heart. After this diagnosis, Bernstein was finally admitted to a New York hospital, where he underwent lengthy surgery to remove the tumor lodged in his kidney. The bad news did not end there, as in the preoperative studies it was detected that there were other medical problems that required a lot of attention.

Richard Bernstein recovered at home and in the care of his family
Richard Bernstein recovered at home and in the care of his familyCourtesy New York Post

The man said that two of the main coronary arteries “They were 99% blocked and their liver was failing because the cancer was obstructing its function.” In addition, according to the report of the doctor who operated on him, “the vena cava was obstructed and put pressure on his lower extremities.” “I was walking a tightrope,” asserted Bernstein. On the other hand, he indicated that the tumor and tumor thrombus measured about 12 inches and weighed almost 2.5 pounds.

Bernstein underwent surgery by three expert doctors from New York and is now at home where he is recovering favorably and in the company of his family. “If my whole leg hadn’t swelled up, I would have died. There was no serious pain at all, but my advice is if something is wrong and you can’t find the answer, don’t stop looking for help. Trust your hunches about your own body.”closed in the interview.

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