He is 10 years old, he fell at school and choked on a lollipop: his condition is critical

In the city of Cordoba, a 10-year-old boy was involved in an unfortunate accident after falling to the ground swallow the lollipop that was in his mouth. After being admitted, He suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and his condition is critical.

The sequence took place while the student was enjoying recess in the courtyard of the Villa Eucarística school. The minor played with his friends and ran around the place when he tripped and the episode occurred.

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After carrying out resuscitation maneuvers, he was quickly transferred to the Raúl Ferreyra Hospital, where he arrived with a notorious picture of drowning and suffocation.

“His status is absolute reserve”

After receiving emergency medical care, and given the complexity of the case, the student was referred to the Private Hospital of Córdoba, where he remains hospitalized.

it was the doctor Joseph Reviglianodirector of the institution, who confirmed that prior to the transfer they had to perform a laryngoscopy to remove the candy and be able to supply oxygen.

“Your status is absolute reserve, is in critical condition”, added Revigliano, who stressed that his evolution is monitored “minute by minute”.

In dialogue with chain 3the doctor explained that the minor is precisely in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, with intensive care and mechanical respiratory assistance.

“I was running at recess with the lollipop in my mouth. They immediately carried out resuscitation tasks and transferred him to the Raúl Ferreyra Hospital. In the guard the baby has a cardiorespiratory arrest and they manage to get the lollipop out of him. From there they referred him to the Private Hospital”, the doctor told Channel 10 of Cordoba.

The educational institution published a brief statement (Photo: Colegio Fasta Villa Eucarística).
The educational institution published a brief statement (Photo: Colegio Fasta Villa Eucarística).

From the Superior Council of the Fasta Villa Eucharistic School they published a brief message in which they requested to join in the prayer for the student, “who suffered an accident in the morning and now He is hospitalized in a critical condition.”.

“We ask God, through the intercession of Blessed Carlos Acutis, to accompany him and his family at this time”; the statement concluded.

“It was a desperate and distressing situation. We have to go step by step, seeing the evolution. We are doing everything in our power to save it”, completed the director of the hospital.

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