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The solidarity stories they always conquer hearts, but especially those related to children. This time, the protagonist is a 10-year-old boy. Maipu, Buenos Aires province. Worried about his school, Nicholas He put all his savings to buy a new flag that had been stolen.

Last Monday, a group of criminals entered the school No. 8 of Maipú and took the flag that the students raise every day. Upon learning, Nicolás returned home with the idea of ​​buying a new one and told his mother.. His parents proudly accepted and accompanied him.

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With all his savings that were going to be used to buy a soccer ball, Nicolás paid for the new school flag. “My husband and I took him to buy one in town and the next day he took the new flag to school. The teacher and principal called me to congratulate me.”said his mother in an interview with TN.

Nicholas at school

Nicholas at school (TN /)

When he got to school, Nicholas He asked for the director and put the flag under his desk. Andrea Odescalchidirector of the school of Maipu He approached the boy’s classroom and was pleasantly surprised when he saw her.

Nicholas at school

Nicolás at school (Chain 3/)

“I am very proud of what he did. He is a boy with many values ​​that his families teach him and they are of great importance in these times ”said the director. She spoke very highly of the baby’s family and of Nicholas. “I deeply appreciate your gesture, although it does not surprise us because I know the quality and human warmth that you have”assured.

The history of Nicholas’s family

Nicolás’s mother, Laura, works in the family home. Santos, the father, is a mason and leaves home very early in the morning. The boy decided to accompany him a few days ago, “Since he got up very early, his father gave him a few pesos and he kept them”said the mother.

Nicholas's family

Nicholas’s family (TN /)

Nicholas he wanted to get together $7000 to buy a ball. He paid $3,750 for the flag and only had $1,500 left.. However, he never hesitated to want to help his school and once again have a flag to raise with his classmates.

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