He is now a right-wing politician accused of violence

A case of rape within Jobbik was reported by Bors on Thursday morning, followed by several domestic newspapers. As they wrote, there was an attempt at forced sexual intercourse in December at a rural right-wing event to which leading party officials and politicians were invited.

György Szilágyi confirmed what happened to the Index. As he said, they turned to the authorities because the presidency had not dealt with the matter for a long time. Jobbik denies this, the party said an investigation had been launched immediately and was a political attack.

That a right-wing politician, a former candidate who was announced with a 24-year-old woman at a December rural event, György Szilágyi coerced with his partner ‘s partner, a 24.hureacted to what happened.

I will take legal action against unjust defamation, I will file a criminal complaint for defamation, false accusation and defamation

Said the politician, who did not want to speak to the paper by name. He added that he is helping the authorities with everything, but has not yet been heard.

In the context of the case, Jobbik wrote in a statement sent to our newspaper on Thursday that “there is a vile attempt at expiration full of habony lies”. The statement also noted that they said the case was timed directly for the period of the re-election of the right-wing.

If there is a problem

Calls are free 24 hours a day victim helpline Since 2011, he has been providing information on various victim support services to 06 (80) 225-225.

The National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Service (OKIT) Nationwide, 24-hour toll-free number: +36 (80) 20-55-20.

If we hear shouting, quarreling, or seeing someone in our environment with a monocle, for example, we can’t be indifferent! Especially if a minor is involved, we can even notify 112, the police or the Telephone Witness anonymously.

In addition, they operate in the same way within county government offices regional victim support servicesthere are also victim support staff available for victims.

(Cover image: György Szilágyi. Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI)

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