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He is waiting for a transplant and his nurses gave him an emotional celebration 15

Mili celebrated her fifteenth birthday.

The young patient She is admitted to the Santa Elena Children’s Pediatric Center waiting for a kidney to be transplanted. There two nurses, Carina Sánchez and Vanina Cabrera, They decided in one of the guards to celebrate Mile’s 15th birthday. The idea caught on quickly and this was joined by more co-workers.

The news was spread by a photographer from the city of Santa Elena, Lucas Cooper, who was also in charge of recording the celebration and communicating it on his networks. “Mile is a girl from Santa Elena, who is waiting for a kidney transplant, and who today is turning 15 years old and how could it be otherwise, she had her 15th birthday party thanks to our local maternity nurses,” Cooper wrote.

the celebration

This Sunday the fete received the surprise of his party with a special breakfast that the nurses gave him, while in the hospitalization hall everything was being prepared for the party of 15.

Mili celebrated her fifteenth birthday. (Lucas Cooper/)

The news was published by Santa Elena Digital and it was also learned that Mile entered her party wearing a dress and crown in an outfit that referenced cumbia singer Gilda.

They greeted her with applause and in the place songs of the tropical artist sounded performed by Paulino Bordón, keyboardist from Santa Elena, Pehuén González and the voice of Aixa Acevedo from the group La Caravana.

Mili celebrated her fifteenth birthday. (Lucas Cooper/)

Mile excited too had his candle ceremony and between tears of emotion he shared his celebration with his loved ones and who made the “fifteen” possible.

For his part, the photographer added: “It was an honor to be able to capture this unforgettable moment in images, Thank you Carina for calling me and being part of this surprise for her and with the love of all the people who made it possible”, assured Cooper.

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