He lost his job, collects cardboard and bets on fulfilling his great dream: "The cartonero also wants to get ahead"

This young man born in José C. Paz he lost his job a few weeks ago and he had no choice but to go out and win the mango. She is in a relationship, has two children and is eager to get ahead.

“My goal is to study, progress and be able to be present when my son starts kindergarten,” he tells Ámbito with an inflated chest.

While cardboard, he also dedicates time to his passion; sell sites Web basics “because I lack knowledge, I study”, highlights Alejandro.

It is that he is training and pointing all the cannons to the future. He wants to be a web developer. “When I get a job, I develop sites. I am training, but I would like to be able to dedicate myself to that tomorrow, ”she remarked.

The new start

As a result of a chronic illness, Alejandro needs to visit the doctor periodically and control the pathology (he prefers not to make it public). For this reason, and given the repeated permits that he requested in his previous job, they decided to fire him. “Besides, I had to take care of my son; They understood that I lowered my productivity, and for that reason they fired me, ”he said.

And he admitted: “I know I get work in factories, but my goal is to study. I want to study, progress and be able to be present with my son when he starts kindergarten. My brother recommended me to cardboard and so far he closes me well. I can study and spend time with my baby.”

The life of the cartoner

Alejando’s work day begins with his brother. Both, pushing the car, that car that at the end of the day will bring them a plate of food. “We leave from Chacarita, pass through Paternal and return to Chacarita. We work four hours, we can’t do more because it doesn’t give us the body. Our goal is not to be cartoneros, we want to progress; study and complement it with another job. We make 120 kilos per day, we get into the bins; they look at us because we check the garbage, but we have no other choice if we want to find recyclable material. People don’t recycle, they’re not used to it, they don’t separate the garbage, and sometimes it becomes difficult”, he slipped.


And he stressed: “It is ugly to get inside the bins, with glass, nauseating smells, and people look at you badly. But it is a decent job. You can get ahead, behind a cardboard box there is a person who wants to get ahead, survive. Behind a cartonero there is a person who fights for his dreams, who has no other left”.

Regarding earnings, the 29-year-old contributes that “you earn well, it depends on the effort of each one. The desire to make strength and be able to drag the car”. And he dreams, as he tours the capital’s neighborhoods: “I like to learn; I discovered programming, I loved it, sitting at the PC, pouring out my imagination. Preparing myself and creating software for a client. I love that.”

Their dreams

Pursuing his personal and family goals day by day, Alejandro closes the interview looking forward to arriving. Getting to that place he longs for from the time he wakes up until he lays his head on the pillow at the end of the day. “My dream is to be able to have a job that gives me time with my family. Quality of life, and that it gives me the possibility of having a salary according to what I do at that moment. I want to finish my degree and be a web developer. Live from it and give my family a comfortable life, ”he concluded.

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