“He makes a media circus”: Cinthia Fernández crossed Defederico and gave another version of her wedding

Saturday, Matthias Defederico gave his version of many of the conflicts he has with Cynthia Fernandez. His statements were about his role as a father and he also left some unexpected phrases like that he married his ex because “he needed a visa”. The dancer’s response was immediate.

Through her Instagram account, the panelist from Moment D (eltrece) answered one by one to the statements of the former soccer player whom he accused of setting up a “media circus”. The point he tried to make clear is that his main fight is over the food quota for her daughters.

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He was a lousy man, the worst man in the world. Everyone has seen him on television shows, with countless lovers of him, including me being pregnant, “he started saying in a release that lasted more than half an hour.

The media stated that she raised her daughters “alone” and listed the reasons: from taking them to all the doctors, to how he overloads their schedule with jobs in order to support them, to how he helps them with their homework.

I demand that you meet the quota. And do not come to tell me that there is no money. And also what I demand is that he take care of himself as a father. Not everything is silver. Because there are guys who can’t put up the dough, but he complements it with other things, being a good dad. My claim is that”, he pointed out.

In addition, he regretted that in the interview that Defederico granted to True Secrets (America) there has been no prior investigation or cross-examination. “The red carpet was missing, it was a tribute”chicaneó

Cinthia Fernández responded to Matías Defederico about the reasons for her wedding.

During the one-on-one with Luis Ventura -who even invited him to join Victoriano Arena, the team he leads in the First C-, Matthias Defederico he said he was never in love with Cynthia Fernandez and maintained that their marriage was not for love. “I got married because I needed a visa for my family”, assured. And he specified: “We had to live in another country. I was going to Turkey.”

Faced with this version of events, the dancer described a very different situation. “You summoned the whole family, opened a bottle of champagne, and You offered me marriage in front of everyone. It was long before you had to go play”, he recalled.

Cinthia Fernández and Matías Defederico got married in 2015. (Photo: Gerardo Viercovich).
Cinthia Fernández and Matías Defederico got married in 2015. (Photo: Gerardo Viercovich).

Later, he did accept that things were rushed because the player had an opportunity in Turkey and that led to them having to speed up the process. “It belongs to privacy. It’s ugly, it’s a little ballsy for you to say that, but nothing happens“, critical.

“I never forbade him to see the girls”: the chats between Cinthia Fernández and Matías Defederico for Father’s Day

With the background images of the chats they had in recent days, Cynthia Fernandez tried to show that it does not put any barrier between Matthias Defederico and their daughters. “With that little story they have me fed up because I have to show all the papers,” she said, very indignant.

And I add: “There is no impediment for him to see the girls, but he makes a media circus with itSo you can’t see them. I never forbade them.”

The couple is once again in conflict and the war seems to have no end.  (Photo: Capture)
The couple is again in conflict and the war seems to have no end. (Photo: Capture)

In the messages he showed, Defederico is concerned because a perimeter restriction order is supposedly in force that would prevent him from approaching his daughter. However, Fernández stressed that the removal only runs in the City of Buenos Aires and not in the province where her home is located.

Fernández said that the former soccer player asked him on more than one occasion that his conflict be resolved outside the legal sphere. However, he attacked her on social networks when they tried to make peace and criticized her for living with Martín Baclini.

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