Users said they were interested in knowing what the scene would look like on the wedding day
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Social networks are full of unexpected stories and the one shared by a young woman identified as Camila who undoubtedly stands out for her uniqueness.

With the legend “the world is cruel”, the young He posted a TikTok video that apparently broke his heart. It was his neighbors in the middle of a promising scene who they would have made her nearly burst into tears. It went viral for its touching, causing many to want Live the same experience as the protagonists.

In the video you can see how a couple danced on the roof of their house, with gthese of love and complicit glances. The panorama is the view of the content creator from her home, so she often witnesses these displays of love. Although the atmosphere could be classified as “romantic”, for her it had another color. In your tiktok account said that although it made her very happy to see other people enjoy their love, in reality it also brought feelings of pain.

When you’re single and every night you have to watch this super-enamored couple rehearsing their wedding waltz to Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’Camilla wrote. Apparently, what made her feel bad was not the fact that other people lived the romance fully, but that her current love situation is not what she wanted.

The video of the neighbors of a tiktoker that went viral

The recording caused such a furor among the virtual community of the social video network that until now it managed to accumulate 2.4 million views. Thousands of people were moved by the scene.

Those who did not forget Camila’s situation also left comments: I move house so as not to cry”; “I no longer want to be a spectator”; “Tell them to invite you to the wedding, I want to see how everything turns out in the end with the dress, the music and the place,” they told him.

Some people were encouraged to leave advice to the tiktoker: “It is a reminder that life is giving you, that if it is not like that, better nothing”, wrote a user. Others urged her to take things in the best possible way: “The world is beautiful, seeing people love each other is incredible”; “Sister, one day it will touch us, we cannot be spectators all our lives”; “You know what would be worse? Having a partner and being a spectator, but not a protagonist”.

Users said they were interested in knowing what the scene would look like on the wedding dayUnsplash

The clip went through so many profiles that it finally reached the people involved. Or at least to her inner circle since a young woman identified herself as the best friend of the future spouses and confirmed that the protagonists had a relationship as beautiful as the one suggested by the video. This finding caught the attention of many people, who asked him to share the details of the wedding later.


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